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Fabulous Friends of Jolly Holly & Discount Eligibility (below)  

Jolly Holly wrote the "About the Book" below. Sadly her mother passed before she was able to see the final product of the book, however she did have the opportunity to see the sketches.
The author developed The Christmas Eve Conversation in 1980 after a conversation with her husband William. He was building a Christmas display in front of his veterinary hospital to raise money for Children's' Hospital. William expressed that, while raising money proved valuable, he was uncomfortable building a display primarily focused on Santa, leaving Jesus secondary. In response to his concerns, the author wrote and displayed The Christmas Eve Conversation to ensure that patrons, her children and others continued to keep Jesus as an integral part of Christmas. The story involves a conversation between Jesus and Santa Claus in which Santa apologizes to Jesus for the change in focus from Jesus's birthday to Santa bringing presents. Jesus's response reflects the unconditional love he feels for those he died for. Upon writing the story, the author realized the value of her words and sent it to a newspaper that published it. The author's wisdom concerning the commercialization and devaluation of the true meaning of Christmas was well received and inspirational to her readers. The intent of the author while writing The Christmas Eve Conversation consisted of her desire to preserve faith during the holidays and provide others with a perspective concerning the religious and celebratory discrepancies that occur during Christmas. The Victorian house illustrated throughout the book is a depiction of the author's home. Her children have jestingly dubbed the house the "purple monster." They also affectionately call the author "The Queen of the Purple Monster."

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   Photographers help to create a  permanent record of your happiest memories. Whether you need a wedding photographer or a photographer for your child's party, we have the best around. 

   Rachel is the newest member to our team. I had her come out to one of my gigs and take pictures as a test run after reviewing her work and she passed with flying colors! 

I have a bad habit of making the worst faces when I concentrate and she made me look good. I knew then she was talented and she got the Jolly Holly seal of approval. Contact us to book her as your photographer!


We do not just have balloon twisters and face painters, we have clowns as well! Merrie the Magical Clown does obstacle courses, games, dances, magic and more! She is based out of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. So if you need a clown in the Pittsburgh area, contact Jolly Holly Balloon Art!


Jeff Dunham is not the only master puppeteer around. Al Mazing is exactly that, AL-MAZING! Just be careful, because that ostrich is sneaky! Along with being talented, he is hilarious! He does both kid and adult comedy shows as well. To book a puppeteer in the Pittsburgh area, contact Jolly Holly Balloon Art!


Burgh Man: Pittsburghs Superhero


Weird Eric is a magician extraordinaire. I often says that while I am a talented magician, Weird Eric is a Vegas style expert! He even teaches magic classes and webinars for those interested! To book a magician in the Pittsburgh area, Contact Jolly Holly Balloon Art!


Payden is our "North of Pittsburgh Gal." She does balloon twisting an hour north of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area (don't worry, Jolly Holly does too)! She began balloon art at a very young age and has been twisting ever since. She made her first balloon dress at only 16 years old! To book Payden as your Pittsburgh balloon twister, contact Jolly Holly Balloon Art.


Crazy Callie is another of Jolly Holly's regular balloon twisters. She dresses in regular clothes or as a clown. To book Crazy Callie contact Jolly Holly Balloon Art.


Discount Eligibility

Discounts do not apply to balloon decorations. 

Servicemen and women and their families also receive an automatic 30% off of balloon decor and 40% off balloon twisters/face painters for going away parties regardless of if the family has used a free coming home party in the past.